Comprehensive Dental Care in Norcross, GA

Examination and Cleaning in Norcross 

Effective Professional Cleaning for the Entire Family  

Here at Smile Sky Family Dental, we enforce the idea that preventive care is the backbone and foundation of an overall well state of oral health. Because of this, our professional examinations and teeth cleanings are executed with precise attentiveness and performed with only advanced dental instruments for the task. Your visit will have you leaving with cleaner, refreshed, and healthier teeth.  

 To schedule an examination and cleaning with our exceptional staff, call our office at (678) 325-2400.  

Why Are Routine Exam & Dental Cleanings Important?   

As you have probably heard several times before, the American Dental Association (ADA) advises routine dental cleanings should be received at least twice a year. Even if one keeps up with a standard daily oral hygiene routine, it may not be enough to completely remove all debris from your teeth. 

The accumulation of plaque, a sticky, opaque coating of bacteria, can produce toxins that lead to the emergence of periodontal disease. Once this plaque hardens and cements itself onto the gum line, it develops into tartar, and at this state can only be removed with specialized dental instruments.  

What Does It Involve? 

During your initial visit, we assess your oral health and status with a concise comprehensive examination. Once fully examined, your professional cleaning will start so we can remove the stains, plaque, and calculus (tartar) that have built up since your last dental visit. 

After a polishing and flossing treatment is performed, you will be provided an additional strengthening fluoride treatment before you’re set to go. If any subsequent appointments are required, our staff or dentist will notify you, or you can contact us about any concerns or other procedures you wanted to consult about.  

  • “I went in today they were very helpful and knowledgeable and I was comfortable telling them my concerns we came to a solution! And it’s very affordable even someone with no dental insurance can’t wait to get my dental smile back! Thanks to the front desk as well they were very helpful every step of the way!”
    Aliyah R
  • “Where do I even start... I have never liked my smile, even after SIX YEARS of braces. I never smiled in photos due to terrible stains on my teeth from medicines I had to take as a child. I came in after five years of not going to the dentist, knowing I was going to need cavities filled, and wanted to talk about whitening options/ if veneers would be an option. Dr. Millan told me to go a different route since veneers are not a permanent solution and you have to get them re-done every few years. He ended up putting crowns on all of my front teeth and gave me a million-dollar smile. Now I’m the girl that demands pictures and can’t stop smiling. During the process the entire staff was amazing, they made the entire process a breeze and I’m so thankful for all of them! If you’re looking for a dentist look no further!”
    Katelynn Nappo
  • “Great experience with Dr. Milan and his assistants, very professional and quick to respond. We called on a Sunday and they gave us an appointment for the very next day and the problem was solved. Thanks again, everyone!”
  • “I had cavities filled and root canal done. Everyone was informative, explained each step, and answered all questions I had about procedures and billing. Everyone is really nice and caring. Most importantly they are pain-free. I mean I felt little to nothing. I definitely recommend them if you have any fear of the dentist. They will provide a great experience.”
    Quinton Nixon
  • They are very professional and friendly at this establishment. They do great work and I am very satisfied with my experience. I will be back, as long as I am in the area. Thank you! Dr. Milan knows well what he is doing, and the cleaning tech and dental assistant also are very helpful and friendly.

    I had a pain-free root canal, fillings, and crown installed. They make sure the patient is comfortable. I am very happy with the outcome of the procedures.

    Tyler Nock
  • “Smile Sky Family Dental is awesome! I was super nervous about getting any dental work done but they are incredibly friendly and explain everything as they do it. Dr. Milan is super easy to talk to and I didn’t feel nervous about any of my appointments. Everyone there is insanely kind and helpful when you have questions or need to reschedule appointments. All the rooms have unique themes which is fun and relaxing even for adults! Very comfortable and calm dentist experience all around, I’m sending all my friends and family to them.”
    Elizabeth Barney
  • “Everyone in this office is so amazing. Was helped right away when I needed. Everyone was kind and gentle did not feel any source of pain while having my teeth cleaned or getting a root canal ( for me at least). Everyone is happy and our all very generous. I love how they let you know what you will have to pay before booking an appointment as to what you need work on. Definitely recommending to friends and family.”
    Karen Casique

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Smile!  

Maintaining your oral hygiene at its best and scheduling regular visits to our dentist for routine check-ups and cleanings can prevent a mirage of issues including, tooth decay, cavities, and other major dental and oral health diseases. Sparing just a couple of minutes of your day for a simple cleaning can drastically help improve your oral health and get you on track to achieving the smile that you deserve. 

 Please contact our office online or give us a call at (678) 325-2400 today. 

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